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Celina, TX grabs housing crown

The north Dallas growth pattern is a fairly predictable model that dates back nearly 100 years. Its highest value and fastest-growing areas have generally followed the Preston Road and Dallas North Tollway (DNT) corridors. Each city along this path had enjoyed a time when it was tops in the region for new single-family home permits.

For the 21st Century, two cities have dominated new home starts – Frisco and McKinney, with the 3rd spot rotating between various regional cities such as Little Elm, Denton, and most recently, Celina. However, in 2020, modifications to the order were observed. Early in 2020, Celina established itself as the #2 city in the region in terms of new single-family home starts, overtaking McKinney's long-tenured position among the top two growing cities.

Various sources track housing permits monthly in North Texas, and during 2020, Celina finished the month ahead of McKinney during 10 of the 12 months. However, in December, the most surprising occurrence was when Celina issued 286 new home permits, topping Frisco, which issued 214 permits. Celina edging McKinney was news, but Celina beating out Frisco generated greater attention, even if the crown is just for one month.

Celina is currently updating its Comprehensive Plan, and the process is expected to complete later this spring. Preliminary population estimates have Celina's ultimate build-out being around 378,000 people, achieving the 50,000 population threshold around 2025 and the new decade of the Thirties seeing Celina over 100,000 in population.

As these thresholds are met, Celina will dominate the housing market for the next 20-30 years, as other cities along the Preston Road and DNT corridors have previously, in addition to being amongst the fastest growing cities in the nation. The City has been proactive in preparing for this growth through its long-range planning for extensive trail systems, fiber to every neighborhood, enhanced open space, wide sidewalks, and other requirements that ensure that Celina remains Life Connected, even while enduring record growth. For more information, please visit .


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