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Life in Celina Podcast

Celina, Texas is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing cities in North Texas. But, why? What makes Celina one of the most sought out up-and-coming cities for people of all ages and walks of life? It’s more than just affordable living and location. It’s the community and connectivity that make Celina the unique, and beautiful city it is today.

The City of Celina and the Celina Economic Development Corporation proudly present the ‘Life in Celina’ Podcast. We will be regularly sharing the stories behind the amazing people, businesses, and groups that make Celina home. Subscribe and listen to Life in Celina to hear the stories that connect our community.

Everyone has a story and we'd love to share it! Please fill out the Podcast Request Form to come on the Podcast and share yours! By the way, it doesn't have to be for you! You can also submit someone you know.

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