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25+ Ways to Connect in Celina

The City of Celina will host over 25 events in 2023. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on all events or explore the events pages below.


Familes enjoying downtown vendors

Friday Night Market

A family enjoying crawfish outside

Celina Cajun Fest 

Holiday Presents

Gift Tour

A child on a tractor


Fireworks at night

Splash & Blast 

A child talking to Santa with a cowboy hat on

Christmas on the Square

A man playing golf on a sunny day

Golf Tournament

People on grass enjoying a movie downtown

Movie Night 

A kid smiling by an antique police car

National Night Out

A child putting an ornament on a christmas tree

Countdown to Christmas

Sponsorship Opportunities

The City offers a range of events from day to night, big to small, sporty to spooky. With an array of unique events, we have plenty of opportunities for you to partner with us.

We would love an opportunity to promote your organization while continuing to expand and enhance our events.

Interested in Being a Vendor

Liven up your business calendar and become a vendor at exciting City of Celina events throughout the year! This fantastic opportunity allows you to connect with your community on a deeper level. Imagine rows of friendly faces browsing your products, neighbors becoming customers, and fellow vendors fostering a collaborative spirit. It's the perfect chance to showcase your talent, build brand recognition, and network with potential long-term clients – all while contributing to the lively atmosphere of Celina's events. Don't miss out on this rewarding way to become an integral part of the Celina community!


Celina takes pride in actively supporting local businesses, recognizing them as vital contributors to the community's economic and cultural vibrancy.

How to Become a Volunteer

One of the secret ingredients for the success of our events is our amazing volunteers! Volunteering offers a great way to get connected and give back to the community.


Join our volunteer database today. After signing up, you will receive emails about opportunities as they arise.

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