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Another reason to love Celina Parks & Recreation

The City of Celina is proud to announce that our Parks & Recreation Department has been awarded the Better Sports for Kids Quality Program Provider designation for 2021-2022. This designation is a seal of commitment to quality and safety in youth sports, based on nationally accepted standards. The National Alliance for Youth Sports created this designation to help families find high-quality youth sports programs in today’s world, which offers an abundance of programming choices.

The Parks & Recreation Department had to undergo a review process that evaluated our commitment to the children and families we serve to receive this designation. The evaluation involved a review of our successful adherence to nearly 20 requirements in the following five categories:

  • Written policies and procedures

  • Volunteer screening

  • Coach training

  • Parent education

  • Accountability

We are proud to receive this designation, reflecting the Parks & Recreation Department’s clear commitment to enrich lives and deepen the community’s understanding of “Life Connected.” Our youth sports programs exemplify what it looks like when we put our Core Values – Excellence, Community, Integrity, and Service – into practice.

The Parks & Recreation Department currently offers seven youth sports programs: 7-on-7 football, flag football, baseball (A), baseball (AA), softball, basketball, and soccer. These programs allow 2,500+ kids per year to engage with peers in Celina and those on teams from neighboring cities. This provides immense benefit for these youth, families, and the community at large. Youth sports programs have been shown to improve participant’s lives in an incredibly vast number of ways, including the following:

  • Improved health and wellness into adulthood

  • Increased cognitive performance

  • Improved teamwork, social skills, and responsibility

  • Reduction of stress and improved mental health outcomes

Our Celina community is growing quickly, and as this designation illustrates, our team is continuously committed to a standard of excellence and improving the lives of many in the community. If your family participates in our sports programs, we hope that you take the time to join us in thanking our staff for their hard work to provide quality programs. And if you don’t participate, we hope to have you join us in the future! Learn more about youth and adult sports at


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