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Celina | Since 1876



At first glance, it appears to be surrounded by seemingly endless miles of farms and ranches.

However, Celina is far from a one-horse town. Situated in the center of North Texas’s most popular communities, including McKinney, Gunter, and Prosper.  Celina sits just twenty miles north of Frisco and is conveniently located right on the Dallas North Tollway extension.  Hop on the Tollway, and you are only minutes from Denton, Dallas, and Gainesville. Celina is only minutes from two major airports, making it the perfect location for the busy traveler.

There is a strength in knowing your true identity.

And regardless of the passing of time or change, that steadfast commitment becomes the foundation for things much greater. Celina is that place.


Where hometown roots run deep. What once was a small town with big ideas and an even bigger heart has become the place where people and businesses choose to be. And now, every year hundreds of families are discovering the wholesome, suburban lifestyle, the exemplary school system, and the warmth of a friendly, healthy community in Celina, Texas. Where streets of promise connect block-by-block, business-by-business, person-to-person.


Life is thriving here and its reputation is extending beyond city limits. As retail and commercial businesses are moving into Celina, expansion, and development are keeping a rapid pace throughout the city. But the growth is smart, because of its proven community-supported success. With a population of approximately 29,000 and growing, Celina opens its heart and home to whoever shared these same city ideals.

Businesses and developers are welcomed by Celina’s friendly and helpful city leaders. 

And backed by constituents that are eager to shop locally and support businesses in the community. Connecting businesses with the community is central to Celina’s vision for commercial growth.


Major employers include:

Education, Government, Industrial, Service, and Healthcare. 

In 2019, Celina added 19 new businesses which is approximately 275 jobs. The Celina EDC has established relationships with local community lenders ready to help connect your ideas with capital and build your new business.


In 2020, Celina received official designation as a Gigabit City from the Office of the Governor Greg Abbott. This means that every residence and business within the city has access to a minimum of 1 Gbps (Gigabit per second) up and down connectivity speed. Thanks to fiber optic lines, our open access network will have faster communication and internet speeds for consumers and commercial businesses alike. This fundamental aspect of infrastructure will help to educate youth, create jobs, promote public safety, improve citizens’ standards of living and deliver essential services. 

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