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What every potential home buyer should know about North Texas Real Estate

The buying and selling of a home near the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has become quite a hot market, with many outsiders flocking to take advantage of the North Texas real estate craze. While much of the housing market in DFW is being fueled by the white-hot commercial growth over the last few years, more folks are finding North Texas attractive for more personal reasons.

It's no surprise that real estate in this part of the Lone Star State has really taken off. Over the last decade, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has been THE place for corporate growth & relocation in the entire country. Business-friendly tax incentives have been a major factor in attracting big-name companies. With these companies comes a high number of individuals, many with families, needing housing in a big way. The rise in home sales was significant enough that many North Texas professionals began new careers as realtors, while long-time real estate companies saw exponential growth in record time.

This year, though, has actually been one of the first in many that have shown a slowdown in the real estate industry, and with good reason. Nonetheless, North Texas real estate professionals pivoted quickly, assuring prospective home buyers that pursuing a dream home during a nightmarish time was still a very real possibility.

It does leave one important question to be asked - what's so enticing about the North Texas real estate market? Here are a few things potential home buyers should keep in mind:

Access To Major Roads - Anyone living in Dallas/Fort Worth can tell you that the last ten to fifteen years have been marked with major construction projects on the area's busiest roads. Part of this is due to necessary updates, but a lot of it is to help ease congestion of DFW's traffic. What's nice is that as more roadways are updated, there is also greater access for commuters.

City Development with Small Business Considerations - Though much of the buzz about North Texas has been about major corporate growth, North Texas is also a major player when it comes to building small businesses. This dedication to small business development has been key to building up local communities, making big cities feel warmer & more focused on the neighborhood.

Excellent Schools - No matter if it's public or private, North Texas has some of the best schools in the state, as well as the nation. In fact, some of the best real estate agencies in the area provide information to prospective home buyers direct from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) regarding accountability reports of schools.

Home Value Increasing - Ask people in North Texas about what their home is worth, and you may get a smile or some jeers. The value of homes has seen an increase, which has been impacting home buying/selling recently. Depending on who you ask, it's either a buyer's, or seller's, market. Either way, it's worth looking at numbers like tax rolls during a home search.

Population Growth - The number of people in North Texas has been increasing for years, and there looks to be no slowing down on this front. School districts have gotten bigger & built more facilities to accommodate the growth. Commercial & residential construction is near-constant. For many potential home buyers, the prospects of being in, or near, a highly-concentrated population has its drawbacks. As such, one major trend to note is the attractiveness of smaller cities in surrounding areas. Their relative proximity has made them bigger players on the real estate front.

North Texas real estate is more than home sales in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You're talking about a home market that is made attractive by its proximity to one of the largest & most influential collections of zip codes in the country. Furthermore, the DFW market is becoming even more important because of the proliferation of smaller cities becoming economic powerhouses. In short, if you're buying or selling a home anywhere in North Texas, you're still close to the action & able to take advantage of all the things such an enriched area can offer.

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